1.25″ Diamond WET Coring Bit – Concrete Core Drill by BLUEROCK Tools

17″ Overall Length
1.25″ Cutting Diameter
1-1/4″ Threads

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NEW – 1.25″ BLUEROCK TOOLS DIAMOND WET CORING BIT FOR CORE DRILL Outside Bit Diameter: 1.25″ Overall Length: 17″ Approximate Inside Barrel Depth: 14.5″ Approximate Thread Type: Industry Standard 1 1/4″ (Directly fits our BLUEROCK Z-1 Core Drills) Note to buyers: Concrete coring bits are thought to be a consumable part. Bit life varies based on many factors including; material type, material density, depth of cut, hole diameter, drilling speed, wet/dry drilling and operator experience. As such, this can be very difficult for BLUEROCK Tools to assess individual projects and speak to how long a bit will last before it must be replaced. We believe these core bits to be mid-grade in their performance but sold at a low-grade price point. Our customers tend to believe these bits to be a better value compared to high-grade bits that are much more expensive. We ceaselessly hear that even supposing high-grade bits may last twice as long, they cost four times the price and they are happy buying our bits and getting the same amount of feet cut for half the price. Wet type concrete coring bits are NOT designed to cut all types of rock. They are primarily designed to cut concrete. Certain types of rock will also be cut, but it is going to limit the bit life. The decision to use these bits on materials that they don’t seem to be primarily designed for will be done at the risk of the user and not covered under our standard business policy.
17″ Overall Length
1.25″ Cutting Diameter
1-1/4″ Threads
14.5″ Inside Depth

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