TSA Lock Approved Luggage Combination Locks Set (2 pack) Travel for Suitcase Gym

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As experienced travellers, we know how important it is to give protection to valuables all over Go back and forth. Protect your valuables by the use of our HOVINSO TSA approved luggage locks for security and peace of mind!

The HOVINSO Lock Instructions:
1) Pull up the shackle.
2) Roate the shackle 90 degrees counterclockwise, hold down and countinue to run another 90 degrees counterclockwise .
3) Set your own combination by turning dials to the convex line.
4) Turn the shackle back back as normal. Then teh setting is completed.
5) Dial your numbers to the indication line, pull the shackle to open.
High Quality Stainless Steel Material:
1) 100% Stainless Steel Construction. They are be designed for strength, toughness, and durability. Our tsa locks will protect your belongings and put your mind at ease. Made from the highest quality materials to ensure your safety.
2) The TSA lock cable has a hole for a universal master key which a customs officer or a transport company worker has. So if it’s important to open thr lock, it may be opened without breaking and deformation. At the same time the personal code which you have set by yourself will not change and you’ll go on the use of it. It’s a perfect gift for the person who liking Go back and forth.

Not Only Limited To Go back and forth:
1) Our locks are good for the person who love backpacking and sports, as they are heavy duty enough to resist rigorous environment. Great for duffel bags and sports bags too.
2) Not just for airports, it is for wherever your Go back and forth. Lock your bags in trip compartments, train stations, hotel bell desk or your hotel room or just any public areas, whenever your eyes aren’t on your bags.
3) Whether your have a meeting in local or on your business trips, lock your laptop cases and briefcases to give protection to your valuable information whenever you are in outdoor cafe, bench or office building.

Inside Package:
2 TSA Luggage Locks. An instruction manual.

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