Vault Locks 5500 Key Storage Box With Seperate Locking Shackle Set-your-own Combination


This protected, reliable, key storage hanging lockbox is the easiest solution for hiding a couple of spare keys. The 5500 model is a brilliant key secure solution for people that are either selling their homes or for a family with children who wish to enter the home when no adult is present. It is spacious, weather resistant, and able to hang from anywhere. This lockbox has a unique feature which allows the owner to keep two separate combinations for added security. One 4 digit combination controls the key storage department where the keys or other valuables are hidden, and the second one 3 digit code controls the shackle (this is the U-Shaped device on top of the lock). The shackle cannot be released unless a separate 3-digit code is entered on the shackle lock inside. This prevents this padlock lock box from being removed from the door knob or railing. You’ll share the 4 digit code with whoever needs to access keys or a security card inside without with the ability to remove the lockbox. Sizable interior holds A couple of keys. Black sleeve protects shackle against scratches, and a rubber bumper protects door surfaces. 4-digit padlock lock box has the combination code preset to 0-0-0-0, but You’ll set your own combination, and change it as you’d like.
Separate 3 Digit Combination For Shackle And 4 Digit Combination For Key Compartment
Sizeable Interior Holds A couple of Keys
Black Sleeve Protects Shackle Against Scratches
4 Digit Code Gives You More Combination Options
Hanging Key Storage Box

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